Why New Zealanders are booking bespoke villa staycations this year

7th October 2020

Well goodness, our holidays have certainly been thrown into disarray this year. We cannot forget that Covid 19 is sadly affecting families all over the world right now and having patients recover to full strength and getting a cure or vaccine for this cruel virus is of paramount importance. We hope to see our borders open as soon as they safely can and we can stretch our wings and visit friends and family and explore new destinations. In the meantime, there has never been a better time to explore New Zealand.

We all know we have been relatively lucky here in New Zealand and it seems that our team of five million has bucked the trends, offset some of the dire predictions and now more than ever Kiwis are looking for unique, bespoke and one-off experiences, making the most of our precious free time.

When it comes to ingenuity there’s no place like New Zealand, and when it comes to creating unique homes, you don’t have to look very far to find architecture that pushes the boundaries of the laws of physics, or a batch that takes full advantage of the view, and the great news is, that they are open and ready to be shared with you.

With summer just around the corner, kiwis are gearing up to explore their backyard, leveraging on the stunning deals and taking advantage of having Aotearoa all to themselves. Rediscover Queenstown and its golf courses, bike trails and wineries, soak up the sun on the beaches of Golden Bay, and settle in for some of the very best long winery lunches at Waiheke Island. This summer these options will be almost be exclusive to you this summer paired with the very best accommodation. For those of you who know us – you will know MajorDomo is all things fabulous accommodation. Great villas and unique accommodation that caters to small visitor numbers. We like small, fun, flexible and family and friend-orientated. There are so many options. Homesteads to minimalist space. Art filled walls to the best pinot pits …when the neighbours old batch just isn’t kicking it anymore the MajorDomo team are here to help you find your unique place in New Zealand.

Whether it’s a beach break on the coromandel, a hunting and fishing weekend on the West Coast or bubbles and face packs in stunning Queenstown your unique villa is waiting for you. We’re experts at finding bespoke properties that suit your exact needs. We understand that wrangling the kids is a major part of any family break, so we’ll ensure that the property has an open plan, so you keep an eye on those tiny hands, or for couples wanting to get away from the rat race for the weekend, we’ll make sure there’s entertainment close by or that Netflix is on the ready for a classic binge session.

If Covid has taught us anything, it is that life can be really tough but what is important is our friends, family, and the time we have together, relaxing, playing games, long nights chatting, and ultimately enjoying our New Zealand.

So buck the trend, do something unique, stay somewhere boutique and unwind.

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