Queenstown in Spring

20th August 2019

Pssst. We want to share a local secret. Spring in Queenstown is pretty special, but not everyone has clocked on to this fact yet….

We have put together 5 reasons why Spring is a sensational season to visit Queenstown for your next holiday.

1) The best of both worlds…

The ski fields are still open, the days are clear and you can enjoy getting in a few turns before the end of the season. For us fair weather skiers (we love snow, but we love it, even more, when we can enjoy the warmth of the sun whilst getting in a few turns…) it is the perfect time to get up on the mountain. If you prefer to avoid the white stuff, summer activities are starting to become much more pleasurable – an afternoon hike will have you enjoying nature’s freshly sprouting shoots and greens, or a gorgeous bike ride won’t leave you with such a wind chill. Our top tip is to take a gentle morning stroll along the lakefront, enjoy a hearty breakfast in town (Bespoke on Brecon Street is always delish if you can find a table!) followed by half-day skiing in the afternoon to really take advantage of the sunshine! NZSki offer half-day passes for The Remarkables and Coronet Peak ski fields which can be used between 12:30 pm-4 pm each day.

2) Visit Milford Sound in all its glory…

There is no better time to visit Milford Sound (NZ’s most popular tourist destination)! The spring run-off increases the water volume high in the hills leading to an increase in the number of waterfalls. Jump on a helicopter to really experience the majesty of this area and get up close and personal with some of Milford’s most impressive falls. For a truly spectacular flight, with even more spring waterfalls, stop in to visit Earnslaw Burn en route – Here you will land on the valley floor of a natural amphitheatre, and observe the blue ice of the hanging glacier, with the melting ice waterfalls tumbling down the rock face surrounding. 

3) More daylight hours…

The days are getting longer – During the summer months, Queenstown enjoys up to 17 hours of daylight, and by spring you can really make the most of your days with each day enjoying more daylight hours than the one before.  As Queenstown is the activity capital of the world, take these extra hours and fill your time with even more experiences to create a lifetime of memories in one vacation.

4) Fewer people…

Avoid the crowds, and enjoy Queenstown’s quieter moments. Queenstown really is a year-round destination, but there are always times of the year that will be a little busier than others. Spring is normally a great time to visit as there are fewer people, which means you will have more accommodation options to choose from, more chances to get a reservation at the best restaurants and fewer people to dodge as you meander the streets and lake-side walking trails. This makes Spring a perfect choice for those who enjoy living an impulsive life!

5) Nature puts on a show…

All over the world spring is known for fresh beginnings, and Queenstown is no different. Enjoy the fresh cherry blossom on the trees, and the charming little lambs bouncing around the fields – it’s hard not to smile when the scenery here is so spectacular, but add in fresh bursts of spring colours and cute little baby animals and you might just find yourself even more mesmerised. Spring is just about the only time of year when you can guarantee the mountains will be dusted with a beautiful white cap of snow, the trees will be green, and the blossoms and flowers will add fresh pops of colour to your photos.

So there you have it – the secret is out. Now it’s time to start planning your Queenstown Spring Winter Holiday, and luckily you are in the right place! The MajorDomo team are local experts and have access to some exclusive luxury holiday homes and private villas, which are perfect for living like a local and exploring the area.

Get in touch with our savvy luxury accommodation and concierge specialists to start planning your New Zealand holiday!

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