New Years Resolutions for the Savvy Traveller

1st January 2020

Over-indulged in the festive season?

Welcome to the ‘New Year, New Me’ Collective. This week we have signed up to daily 6 am gym classes, stocked the fridge with fruit and veg, and vowed never again to allow a drop of alcohol to pass these lips – repeat after me; “my body is a temple…”.

So after a very busy festive break, and the detox plan in action, we felt it was time to put together our top New Years Resolutions for the savvy traveller to give you a little travel inspiration for the year ahead.

We can’t promise we’ll be keeping all of our New Year promises, but these are 5 resolutions that are definitely worth sticking to.

Be more active

Being active doesn’t have to mean dragging yourself to a sweaty gym class, and when it comes to travel, an active holiday is one that you’ll come away from feeling fantastic! It may be a guided multi-day cycling tour, a horse trekking experience, a hiking holiday, a gents golf retreat or simply a luxury villa with swimming pool and tennis courts for daily activity at home.

Try new things

Push yourself to try something you’ve never done before – like a bungy jump!

Whatever your threshold, New Zealand is packed with unique activities and experiences. It may be a trip to (Queenstown the adventure capital of the world) to bungy jump and jet boat and get your heart rate pumping, or perhaps a long weekend in Kaikoura for a whale watching helicopter flight… step outside of the ‘norm’ to create some memories this year. It’s always worth challenging yourself and pushing yourself to try a new adventure – they always make the best dinner table stories afterwards!

Eat well

Divine fresh food at Mahu Whenua in Wanaka

This one could certainly be open to interpretation! NZ’s food scene is fantastic and focuses on local fresh produce – wherever you are travelling our local experts will have some local restaurant recommendations on hand to ensure you eat only the finest cuisine. Why not take a look at our Food & Wine events blog and plan a trip around one of the best foodie events in the country, all of which have a strong emphasis on showcasing the local cuisine.

Stress Less

Unwind with a private yoga class in nature

Holidays (normally) offer a great deal stress relief as you escape the daily grind and switch on your out of office. If the goal of your trip is to unwind, why not plan to pamper yourself at a luxury lodge, where the world-class service will ensure you are well catered for throughout your stay, and the chefs will ensure you don’t have to cook (or clean!) throughout your holiday. Alternatively if you are staying in a holiday home or vacation rental, treat yourself to an in-villa spa treatment whilst staying in one of our houses, or enjoy a private yoga class in your living room. If you find planning your holidays stressful, we can help by arranging all the finer details – no stress!

Spend more time with family

Enjoy some family time and reconnect with all the clan

This one is so important, and a family holiday is a great way to reconnect and come together. Invite the grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters – the whole clan can come together to create some memories whilst travelling. No matter the size of your family, we can help you find a large home, or multiple homes to accommodate you all, so take the time to check everyone’s diaries and pencil in a date to all catch up in 2020.

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