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29th October 2020

I have seen this year bring some eyewatering challenges. Still, it has also brought us some fabulous new opportunities, and one of those is hosting small meetings in our MajorDomo villas and even at the beautiful lodge Mahu Whenua.  

Staying in a villa for a meeting allows flexibility, privacy, awesome team building, and something different, which will incentivise and reward staff to enhance workplace culture. As well another bonus is knowing your team is in their safe bubble. They will be the only ones in the accommodation. 

I think that this year has brought some significant new trends to the workforce. We all adapted quickly, and in the main brilliantly, to working from home. This has created a new engagement from staff. More time not commuting, a level of flexibility and the realisation that zoom meetings can keep communication flowing but time efficiencies tight. 

Working from home has brought some challenges as well. One of these is the lack of camaraderie and support working together brings to a team. It can be as simple as someone merely jumping in to look over a proposal you are writing and sharing thoughts and ideas in person or just the casual banter that we all enjoy in a workplace. We still love a chat around the water cooler!

We have villas throughout New Zealand that can cater for groups of up to 14 guests – or more if we utilise two or three villas close to each other. 

With each accommodation booking, you will get a villa concierge assigned to you. They can help with all the nitty-gritty; from organising transport, having the villa provisioned to create the desired work environment and most importantly, the social events arranged to delight your staff and seamlessly work in with the work agenda. It’s sorted. Things we know you will love to include:

  • Having a chef come in and not only cook a fabulous dinner – but also make it a masterclass as well.
  • Visiting a local sculpture artist and in a day, you will create a masterpiece.
  • Having e-bikes at your villa for the duration of your stay – fun and fitness all at the same time.
  • A wine tasting competition in the villa featuring award-winning local wines.
  • Team building crafted for small groups.

We’d love to host your team for meaningful meetings and so much more. Contact us for a no-obligation friendly chat about how we can help. 

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