International Women’s Day 2023

8th March 2023

Marie Curie, Maya Angelou and Florence Nightingale – all of these are familiar names around the world for being influential women in history.

However, International Women’s Day is not just for those with worldly achievements or who have made a huge impact on science, politics, music and so on.

We all have loved ones in our lives, women who we look up to, inspire us, and have helped to shape who we are. 

Here at MajorDomo, this is no different. Our team of luxury holiday experts is largely made up of women from all around the globe and today we would like to introduce them to you.


As founder and director of MajorDomo, it is no surprise that Fiona is a natural born leader. 

A pro at building lasting relationships and making sure that everyone feels valued, she is a lady you want to keep in your life.

Fiona is dedicated to empowering and encouraging others to fulfil their goals.


Having travelled extensively throughout Japan, Australia, Thailand and so on, Charlotte is no stranger to travel. 

From all corners of the world, she chose to settle in New Zealand and begin raising a family. 

Never shying away from a challenge, Charlotte is a champion of our team.


With two half marathons in the bag, her determination and hard work are clear to see.  

Poppy has also represented New Zealand as a member of the Les Mills Trainer and Presenter Team. 

A real peoples person, helping many she meets to realise their aspirations.


Always keen for an adventure or to try something new, Jade revels in breaking out of her comfort zone. 

It is often here that the biggest personal developments are made and this is a lesson she carries with her throughout life. 

Jade is your go to girl if you need some ideas for your own unforgettable experiences.


Previously an early age school teacher, Harriet has had first-hand experience at shaping the young minds who will pave the way for the future. 

Following a time of exploration and travel, she decided to help others also enjoy the holiday of a lifetime! 

Born and raised in Arrowtown, her wealth of local knowledge is at your disposal. 

So, now that you have met some of the influential women of MajorDomo – who springs to mind that deserves some recognition in your life?

Reach out to the ladies in your life, celebrate International Women’s Day together, and make sure your heart is happy.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, we have a large portfolio of stunning luxury properties. Reach out to us and get your girls trip underway! 

With love, the MajorDomo team x 

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