5 Reasons to add Heli-Skiing to your Winter Holiday Plans!

28th June 2018

Heli-skiing is one of the ultimate experiences for any snow lover, and contrary to many beliefs, you don’t have to be an expert double-black-diamond skier to enjoy it. The team here at MajorDomo are experts in all types of experiences and activities, and Heli Skiing is certainly up there as one of our all-time favourites.

Here are 5 reasons why Heli Skiing should be added to your winter itinerary (you can thank us later…):

1) If you are an intermediate skier/boarder (ie – you can ski a “blue” run), you can heli ski – the runs are not all steep vertical chutes (although there is plenty of challenging terrain available if that’s you “thing”!) which opens heli skiing to a wide range of people. Even if you have never experienced powder before, the patient guides will give you some tips and you’ll soon learn how to adjust your stance to float through the fluffy stuff.

2) Talking of the fluffy stuff, un-tracked fresh snow is a LOT of fun – once you have experienced the sensation of floating on powder, and surfing through turns, it’s hard to look back at the groomed runs that you once loved so dearly….

3) Chairlifts are ok, but a helicopter to the top of the mountain is a pretty rock-star means of arrival, and it certainly kicks up the adrenaline ready for each run. Given New Zealand’s unbeatable natural landscape, you are also essentially getting a whole number of scenic flights for the day too. Snowy mountains all around, keep your camera handy for that perfect scenic shot!

4) Once the helicopter drops your off and flies away, you are left with the most serene and tranquil environment, on top of a mountain, in the back country of New Zealand with just your guide and group for company. Breathe in the mountain air, and appreciate the wilderness surroundings!

5) Lunch is generally served on the mountain, and often off the side of the helicopter. Again, take the opportunity, whilst chowing down, to look around you and soak up the unique experience of sitting in the snow, eating a gourmet sandwich and enjoying warm soup in one of the most beautiful wilderness environments in the world.

So, if you have got your Queenstown accommodation booked, and you’re planning how to spend your winter vacation, make sure you save a day for heli-skiing – get in touch with our team for more details:

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