Queenstown Marathon 2019 - still time to sign up!

7 October 2019

Queenstown Marathon 2019 

Queenstown Marathon surely has to be one of the most beautiful running events in the world, and on top of that, the trail is mostly flat gradient, with 70% hard packed trails, and 30% road running making it a great choice for your first running event. With mountain scape backdrops throughout the run, and a trail which weaves through the countryside and alongside one or two lakes (depending which distance you choose) it is easy to get distracted by the beautiful setting along the way.

This event normally sells out miles in advance, but unbelievably there are still entries available for Queenstown Marathon 2019 and with a run date of 16th November, there is still time to train! If you are a committed fitness fan, or marathon aficionado there is just enough time to start a training schedule and sign up for the full 42km. For the mere mortals (like us) who are more inclined to the odd treadmill stint a couple of times a week, you can alternatively opt for the shorter 10km option - enough to inspire some spring training, and a great sense of achievement, but without the requirement for a hefty training schedule - this plan is based on running just 3 days a week for a month in preparation.

If running is not your idea of fun, or you are dragging your partner/kids/friends/family along but they are not participating, Queenstown Marathon weekend is still a fantastic time to visit, with lively bustling streets and a great atmosphere in town - it's fun to cheer the runners on from the sidelines and offer high fives of encouragement and even more enjoyable if you are playing a live version of "Where's Wally" on the lookout for someone you know!

If you are planning a visit for this special event, we have some fantastic homes, situated conveniently midway between the start of the run and the end of the run, still available.

Three Peaks - Private spa pool for soaking your muscles, peaceful relaxing neighborhood for a good night's sleep pre-race, and relaxing spaces to chill out following the event. Three Peaks is very close to Queenstown's newest hubs Queenstown Central and Five Mile (shops, restaurants, and cafes), and less than 15 minutes drive from both Arrowtown and Queenstown.  From $152 per person.

Omaio - Ultimate luxury home for a very peaceful and relaxing retreat - Omaio translates to 'place of calm' and this modern villa is guaranteed to leave you feeling completely 'zen' in preparation for the event!  From $175 per person.

Pinnacle Villa - a private spa pool and romantic rustic outdoor fireplace are fantastic for making the most of the longer spring evenings. Easy access to the public bus service to both Arrowtown and Queenstown and just a couple of minutes from the shops and restaurants at Queenstown Central and Five Mile make this home a top choice for the Queenstown Marathon. From $112.50 per person.

If you are participating in Queenstown Marathon, you can also make the most of our in-villa services and arrange an in-villa massage for the day after the event to work through those stiff muscles or even a private chef or pre-prepared meal delivery to the villa so that you can dine on gourmet food without leaving the comfort of your home.