Evening flights for Queenstown Airport

6 May 2014

We were very interested to hear the news today that future holiday makers to Queenstown may soon be able to fly in and out of the resort up until 10.00pm at night.    Both the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority and Australian Aviation Authority have given the go ahead.  It is now up to the airlines to determine whether demand exists to put on the extra flights but if they do then travellers to Queenstown will have so much more flexibility and this will greatly diminish the crowding at peak times at Queenstown airport.   The flights would be in the evening only - not all through the night - they would be able to fly up until 10.00pm.   If they go ahead it would not be until 2016 but we are very excited to see travellers will just find jetting into our beautiful resort easier than ever. Business travellers living in Queenstown will also welcome the potential for less nights spent away.