Our Conscious Footprint

Here at MajorDomo, we are proud to call Aotearoa our home, and we take true delight in sharing this beautiful paradise with visitors from around the country and around the globe.  As hosts, we believe that we play a role in promoting awareness of travelling with a conscious footprint, and we also actively strive as a business to remain aware and improve our own personal footprint.

Here’s what we do:

•    Where appropriate and possible we have switched from single-use plastic consumables to larger refillable consumables in the villas to reduce the amount of single-use plastic   •    

•    Linen will only be washed and changed during stays of 7 or more nights to reduce energy consumption   •    

•    We provide recycling facilities to all guests, with information on best recycling practices specific to the area   •    

•    Between each guest stay, properties are carefully closed down to ensure there is no unnecessary energy consumption when not in use   •    

•    Where possible we encourage our villa owners to use smart home systems to ensure energy usage is carefully monitored   •    

•    We have reduced the use of paper files in our workplace and have moved to paper-free procedures to decrease our consumption of resources   •    

Here’s what we suggest our guests can do to help:

•    Be mindful of energy consumption – turn off lights and heat pumps when not home   •    

•    We recommend using gas fireplaces for ambiance only and suggest choosing a more energy-efficient heat source to control the temperature of the home during your stay   •    

•    During your stay, choose local stores and locally crafted goods to not only reduce the carbon footprint of production but also support the local community – you’ll find a selection of some of our favourite local suppliers in our Villa Compendium for a little inspiration   •    

•    You can help our recycling efforts by sorting and recycling any rubbish during your stay into the recycling bins provided   •    

•    Whilst many homes provide Nespresso coffee machines and pods, you’ll also find filter coffee and a plunger available to you if you prefer to avoid the single-use capsules   •    

Have you heard of Mahu Whenua?

MajorDomo is also very proud to manage the luxury lodge on the property at Mahu Whenua, the profits from which are reinvested back into the extensive private conservation project which takes place on the land there. 

Originally purchased as four separate high country stations, covering an area totaling 136,000 acres between Lake Wanaka and Arrowtown, Mahu Whenua is one of New Zealand’s largest private conservation efforts. After years of intensive farming, the owner has worked to reinstate the land back to its native state, with the introduction of over 1.4 million native plants. The property is also a key location for ongoing research studying the effects of extensive farming and the recovery of the land, providing an unprecedented learning opportunity that will guide sustainable land-use practices of the future.

In an act of true philanthropy, and to ensure that the conservation efforts can be enjoyed by future generations, the owner has also partnered with the QEII trust and has placed protective covenants on 90% of the land, meaning they are now protected from and future development which would counteract the conservation work that has taken place. 

Mahu Whenua plays a very special part in the MajorDomo story, and we are proud to be part of such a magical project. 

MajorDomo_MahuWhenua_Landscape47HERO4 Lake Wanaka 2.jpg