How will Covid-19 affect the way we travel

6th April 2020

We are all living in unprecedented times right now and whilst nobody has a crystal ball to see into the future, we are all speculating about a post-coronavirus world. What will it look like? How will our day-to-day life change in response to living through a global pandemic?

As accommodation and travel experts in New Zealand, we are particularly curious to see how the effects of Covid-19 change the face of travel in New Zealand, and whilst we can only speculate, we have a few theories on what travel will look like in a post-coronavirus world.

Back your backyard

With strict border restrictions in place for many countries, and New Zealand featuring one of the strictest policies, we anticipate that the borders may not open to free travel for quite some time, whilst national travel is likely to begin sooner. After weeks of ‘lockdown’, many will be excited to travel and explore, and with New Zealand’s beautiful hotspots normally packed with overseas visitors, it will be the perfect opportunity to see some locations that kiwis might usually avoid due to the crowds. It’s also a great opportunity to support small local businesses and the local economy, which is something we hold close to our heart here at MajorDomo.

Live in the moment

If we’ve learnt anything from Covid-19 it is simply how quickly the world can flip-turn-upside-down. Everything moved very quickly here in New Zealand, and changed travel plans and life plans for many, and we think it will drive a rise in spontaneous travel decisions. Less daydreaming and extensive forward planning and a whole lotta seizing the day! Fancy a weekend by the ocean? THIS weekend is THE weekend for it….

Make time for family and friends

How many people have you had a virtual catch-up with since the Covid-19 lockdown began? Whether it’s a video chat, a “face-wine” (wine over facetime…!), an email exchange, or even a few simple texts, there’s nothing like a global crisis to make you realize who is important in your life, and there is nothing like lockdown to give you the time to reach out and reconnect with old acquaintances. All those promises of “we should catch up when all of this is over” will hopefully become a reality for many, and we will see groups of friends and families reconnecting and spending time together post Covid-19.

Bucket list travel

What a huge reminder that life is short and precious. Time to start ticking off some items on the bucket list! After a few weeks bored at home, you have probably had time to add a few new bucket list experiences to your list, and daydream about your next travels. Whilst making up for lost time with family and friends will be key for many, taking the opportunity to complete some life goals will also be a high priority. This might be a visit to Marlborough to visit the vineyard that makes your favourite bottle of wine, your first bungee jump or perhaps a helicopter flight over Fiordland.

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